Thursday, March 22, 2018

Sacred Space 2018

The Sacred Space Conference this year was absolutely amazing. In addition to the many fine speakers (including Byron Ballard, which allowed for more connection among Hoodoo and Braucherei practitioners), there was an Urglaawe track that featured three presentations and one ritual. 

The ritual was an Oschdresege, which celebrates the arrival of Spring. The ritual included the elevation of Victoria Young to Ziewern (Godswoman) and a reading of the Myth of the Oschdre

Victoria and Rebecca Meager made some beautiful eggs for the observance. Rebecca fashioned an Irminsul for the altar (our usual Irminsul was in my truck in a repair shop in Delaware, but that's another story). Athena Dugan created stunning statuary by hand for each of the three Oschdre goddesses.

Oschdresege altar showing the Irminsul of flowers
The first presentation was a new on on the Deitsches Muunraad, or Moonwheel. The Muunraad functions as a lunar calendar and "zodiac" of thirteen signs. It governs personality traits, planting patterns, and quite a few healing rites.

Goddess Oschdra
The second presentation was Braucherei in the Urglaawe Context 201, which is a continuation from a prior conference. This presentation featured our Cosmology and Worldview, the types of medicine utilized in Braucherei, diseases and their origins, the Zusaagpflicht, and "first-aid" Braucherei. 

Goddess Nacht
The third presentation was the most well attended. The topic was The Nine Sacred Herbs of Braucherei, which featured our nine and described some of their uses medicinally, spiritually, and culturally.

Goddess Helling
Distelfink Sippschaft is honored to have been able to share our lore, our insight, and our cultural experiences with the attendees of Sacred Space. We look forward to many more years of this cultural exchange.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Good Find!

Came across this in Hollerbeier Haven 6 (Fall 2008)... I had forgotten about it! It's great!

Original quote is from 1949...

Monday, March 5, 2018

Sacred Space Conference

Sacred Space will be held in Hunt Valley, Maryland, from Thursday, March 15 through Sunday, March 18, 2018. 

This year, there are four Urglaawe-related items on the schedule:
  • Muunraad (Moonwheel): The Pennsylvania Dutch Lunar Calendar and “Zodiac”
  • Oschdresege: Ritual with Introductory Discussion
  • Braucherei in the Urglaawe Context 201
  • Nine Sacred Herbs of Braucherei and Urglaawe

It's not too late to register!