Saturday, September 26, 2020

Zisasege: Continuity and Regeneration

I'd like to thank the Urglaawe community for the vibrancy and excitement that I am seeing as we draw nearer to the Zisasege observance (September 28, 2020, beginning at sunset on Sunday, September 27).

Erntfescht was a turning point for many of us. It was the first time we had gotten together as a group beyond the Ziewer (godsfolk) and their family members. Since then, I have slowly begun to feel reinvigorated, and it appears that others are sharing the same feeling. 

Obviously, we still need to be careful with the covid issue, but much of what is weighing many people down stems from a lack of hope or of something to look forward to. 

Zisa seems to have uncorked (another of Her ways of interacting with us?) a bottle of joy and is pouring it out widely. For me, this joy is coming in the form of continuity. For the first time in almost a year, I am seeing the ability to pick up the efforts from last year and to bring them through the crises and *not only to  carry them again but to expand upon them.* 

This is hope at work. 

I remember this feeling, and it's long seemed elusive.. Yet here it is again, hopefully to stick around.

Many of the Zisasege ideas being floated about the Urglaawe community relate to this continuity... beginning new creative offerings and adding to them each year...

... and now I just had a Clue x 4 moment with a flashback to Sacred Space 2017. Jennifer Milby and I were working on a PowerPoint presentation on Zisa, and the topic of continuity and regeneration came up. Some of Zisa's lore lived on through the centuries in the guise of Maria Knotenlöserin, or Mary Undoer-of-Knots. 

Although the Church and its successors attempted to suppress the belief in the old deities, the Church's own lore sometimes inadvertently provided continuity by preserving  some awareness of our gods and goddesses. 

Beginning in about 2008, Zisa's presence began to be felt among some folks in the community. By 2012, Her name was more widely recognized and came up in discussions at Trothmoot. But 2015 is when things really began to change. The course switched from continuity to regeneration. 

Some folks around here will remember that Pope Francis came to Philadelphia at the time of Philadelphia Pagan Pride Day in 2015 (September 5, 2015). Pope Francis is from Argentina, where Maria Knotenlöserin has a large following, and Pope Francis reveres her. Thus, we extended an invitation to Pope Francis to join our Zisasege that year, never expecting to hear back from anyone (we did, but that is a separate topic). This offer, though, seemed to trigger something in the relationship between Zisa and the Heathen community. Her name was spoken widely in Heathen circles, and more insights into Her areas of concern were developing into a community gnosis.

By 2017, there were quite a few dedicants to Zisa whom I knew of, and I would expect that there are many with whom I am not acquainted. Discussion had led to commentary that Zisa would play an increasing role, not only in bridging the ancient past to the present but also in regenerating the connection between humanity and divinity. Zisa had emerged from the darkness of suppression.

Fast forward to 2020 and jump back up to the first five paragraphs of this post. 

Hail to Continuity!

Hail to Regeneration!

Hail to Hope!

Hail to Zisa!