Saturday, February 16, 2019

Urglaawe Observances

Below is a brief list of Urglaawe observances. Some of these are wider Deitsch culture celebrations (the berry festivals, for example), but I incorporate them into my personal practice. Remember that Urglaawe "days" begin at sunset on the preceding night. The dates listed below are the actual calendar dates.

January 1 after sunrise: Twelfth Day of Yule, Luulfescht, end of Yule

January 1 after sunset: Berchtoldsdaag

February 1 after sunset: Grundsaudaag, first night of Entschtanning. Entschtanning includes a whole bunch of observances. Entschtanning runs for twelve nights and twelve days. Last night we call Es Lichtfescht (Light-Fest).

Late February-March: Birch water festivals based on locality

March 19-21 (actual start time shifts based on the date of the Spring Equinox): Oschdre... starts as the sunset that most closely precedes the Equinox.

First new moon after Spring Equinox: Lunar calendar resets to Holzhaane.

March 31 after sunset: Begins the Flitzing (name may differ as this is the first year we are doing this as an official observance): Recognition of change; need for shadier, trickster-types of deities, Giants, etc.

March/April: Cherry Blossom festivals based on locality

April 30 after sunset: Wonnenacht (also known as Walpurgisnacht elsewhere), the first night of the twelve-night/twelve-day observance of Wonnezeit.

May 12-14 overnights: The Reifries (Frost Giants) attempt to undo the arrival of spring.

May 15: Official date that all tender plants may go outdoors.

June 4 after sundown): Observance of the Desecrated Shrines... Honoring the lesser-known deities and those whose lore was lost to us

Early to mid-June: Dingsege... tending to community business. Often combined with Midsummer

June 20-22: Midsummer (begins at the sunset that precedes the Summer Solstice

June: Strawberry festivals based on locality

Mid-July to Mid-August: Hoietfescht is observed something during the haymaking period. Some of us also do a s eparate ritual to Weisskeppichi during this time.

Late July: blueberry and huckleberry festivals based on locality

Early September: Elderberry harvest festivals based on locality.

September 20, +/-: Erntfescht begins with the sunset preceding the Fall Equinox. Often combined with Zisasege.

September 27 beginning at sunset: Zisasege

October 5 beginning at sunset: Deitschdaag, the observance of the first settlers

October 30 beginning at sunset: Allelieweziel - Butzemenner must be burned by October 31. Allelieweziel runs for twelve nights and twelve days.

November 10 sunset-November 11 sunset: Ewicher Yeeger, last night and day of Allelieweziel

November 12 sunset-November 15 sunrise: Reifries attack

November 16 - Date of Mountain Mary's death... typically observed on the closest Sunday.

December 5 until Yule: Belsnickeling time... Parade of Spirits in full force.

December 12 sunset: Lutzefraa (observing Heathen aspects that later were incorporated into St. Lucy's Day)

December 20 after sunset: First night of Yuul. Yuul runs for twelve nights and twelve days.

December 31 after sunset: Berchtaslaaf / Zwelfdi Nacht (Twelfth Night (of Yuul)). Required meal of herring, gruel, Zammede.

January 1 at 0:00, crack the whip, bang the pots and pans, or shoot (only if safe!).

Saturday, February 2, 2019


The twelve-night observance of Entschtanning has begun. It is now time to begin your spring cleaning.

And Saturday is Grundsaudaag. :)