Fruchsfriede Policy

Fruchsfriede (Frith) Policy

We respect the rights of individuals to express their personal truths in a constructive manner. In our ceremonies we honor deities specific to Deitsch culture along with those from the Germanic and Teutonic pantheons. Please check with a godsman or godswoman if you have questions about honoring other deities during Sege or Sammel. As Urglaawer, we consider it our duty to thwart the forces of chaos (ignorance, apathy, rootlessness, and unenlightened self-interest) in support of the advancement of human consciousness. Therefore, we reserve the right to exclude agents of chaos, whether they be human or spirit, from our celebrations.

We do not tolerate racism, bigotry, homophobia, or sexism as these forces are destructive to the self and to community. Harassment and uninvited displays of affection are verboten. We hold that every individual has the right to be secure and respected in her or his own person; in body, in mind, and in spirit. Therefore, the following will not be tolerated:

The use or possession of illegal substances at or in connection with kindred ceremonies or activities.

Forcing or coercing another to participate in sexual activity against her or his desire; or to consume mind-altering substances against her or his will; or requiring complete or partial nudity of any individual against her or his will; or obtaining consent to any of these by deception or misrepresentation, or under color of authority, regardless of the circumstances under which these actions take place. 

Any deliberate action directed toward another member or guest that is intended to cause injury, harm, or pain, be it physical, mental, or emotional, where it is clear that the member in doing so has acted inappropriately, out of proportion to the circumstances, or in abuse of her or his discretions.

We expect our kindred members and guests to act respectfully towards each other, our gods, and our goddesses. All those who participate in our Seges and Sammels should be fully present and mindful of others during our ceremonies. Sege is a solemn spiritual experience that requires respectful behavior from all participants. Anyone who is unable to fully meet the etiquette expectations outlined in this policy may observe the ceremony instead of participating. The focus of our attention during Sammel belongs to the person holding the stein unless they are speaking directly to another person in the circle. Responses should wait until the hail has been said unless elicited by the person with the stein.

Due to liability concerns for the kindred and the ceremony host, consumption of alcoholic beverages is limited to what is being used in the context of Sege and Sammel at our kindred events.

Participants are also expected to silence their electronic devices and refrain from smoking and consuming other forms of tobacco or nicotine until it is announced that the ceremony has ended or a break between activities will be taken. We encourage participants to wear comfortable and non-distracting attire at our events. Most of our ceremonies take place either entirely or partially outdoors, and we recommend wearing clothing and footwear that will be appropriate for spending several hours in the elements.

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