Thursday, April 19, 2012


We are a little more than ten days away from Walpurgisnacht, which is, perhaps, the highest holiday on the Urglaawe calendar.

 The Teutonic peoples used a lunar calendar, which means that Urglaawe's "days" actually begin at nightfall. Thus, Walpurgisnacht is the evening of April 30 on the modern calendar, but that reckons to the beginning of May 1 on the Urglaawe calendar. Throughout the Germanic lands (including the Deitscherei), Walpurgisnacht is known as a night of "witch's dances." Urglaawe embraces this concept in so far as it relates to Holle, the spirits of the land, and the spirits returning from the Wild Hunt.

 The month of May is called "Wonnet" in Urglaawish (to utilize a rare English adjective for our faith) Deitsch. This root of this word, which has cognates in other Germanic languages, means "joy" or "bliss" and relates to the joy of seeing the return of the warmth to the land. In Urglaawe, this is also extended to the bliss bestowed by Holle among Her people when She returns to Brocken and Hexekopp (Hexenkopf) and thence to the rest of the land.

Instead of "Witches' Dances," we celebrate the "Wonnetdanz," or the Dance of Joy. This dance can present itself in the threading of a Maypole or a Queschtbaam. It can also be as simple as the joy and peace in one's heart at the thought of the coming abundance. In this celebration, we join with the spirits of the land who welcome back their kin and their goddess.

The seeds of change in your life should be planted by Walpurgisnacht. This means straightening out anything that you want to have grow in a different direction or putting new plans into place. The Dark Half (Dunkelheft) of the Year is over, and it is time to turn away from introspection and isolation and to move into the Bright Half (Breechtheft) with our friends, family, kin, and loved ones.

By Walpurgisnacht, Spring Cleaning is to be completed. On the night of April 30 into May 1, open your windows and, if possible, your doors. Place signs under the windows greeting "Walburga!" or "Holle!," thus inviting Her into your home.

Although this year the Spring has come early, there are still obstacles that remain after Holle's return. Those obstacles are the coming of the Frost Giants (Reifries) in mid-May. We'll explore the lore that relates to them as the time approaches.


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