Monday, May 14, 2012


Tonight is the observance of the arrival of the Frost Giant called Fuffzehfux (FUFF-tsay-FOOX, with the primary stress of FUFF and secondary stress of FOOX), whose name means “Fifteen-Fox.”

The Oley Freindschaft’s lore of Fuffzehfux again is very similar to that of Dreizehdax and Vatzehvedder, with Dunner’s presence again forcing the retreat, and the Giants give up their attempt to destabilize the land, thus allowing for the planting of all crops and herbs.

The Parryville-Harrity Freindschaft’s variation differs again.

In that version, Fuffzehfux is reputed to be more cunning than his two compatriots. Rather than coming forward boldly, he attempts to sneak around across the countryside to make sporadic attacks on the land. However, Dunner had trained the Butzemenner during the Vatzehvedder attack to combat the Frost Giants. Each Butzemann now defends his turf against Fuffzehfux. Fuffzehfux is said only to be successful on lands without a Butzemann’s presence, though Dunner does remain present to oversee the Butzemenner in their actions and eventually steps in to force Fuffzehfux to retreat into the mountains in the north.

The overarching theme of this version is that Dunner has now fully prepared each Butzemann to defend his land against any baneful wight attacks. If a Butzemann can thwart a Frost Giant, then he could also thwart entities like a Hexewolf. The Frost Giants desist, and the full planting  goes forward.

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