Friday, November 14, 2014

Ewicher Yeeger Sege - Hollersege - Railing Against King Frost

Distelfink's observance of Ewicher Yeeger Sege will take place on Saturday, November 15 at the Distelfink's Hof grounds by the Lüsch-Müsselman Graabhof. This is a public event.

1620 Mahoning Drive West
Lehighton, PA 18235
1:00 PM

Ewicher Yeeger

For some more information on Ewicher Yeeger, please see the tale of Allemaengel on the Deitsch Mythology Blog.


The oral lore we have for Holler is  scant. What we know from Hexerei lore is that He is a master hunter and a god of death and of transformation. A remnant of a tale indicates that He destroys tender plants after Allelieweziel to keep the Frost Giants from taking their energies. It is also likely that He is Holle's consort.

Ewicher Yeeger  = Holler?

Although it remains unproven, it has become increasingly accepted within the Urglaawe and Hexerei communities that Ewicher Yeeger and Holler are one and the same. Honoring Holler by name in the Hollersege will be a feature of Saturday's event.

The Frost Giant Armies

The Frost Giants are aware of Holle's departure on the Wild Hunt, and they begin their advancement toward the Hatzholz (Midgard/Mannheim: where we live) from the Northern Leaves. In some versions of the King Frost tale, the Giants' army includes some familiar names: Dreizehdax, Vatzehvedder, and Fuffzehfux. These are the Giants who come in May in an attempt to destroy the expanding fertility of the land. Their visit at this time of year prepares the way for the arrival of King Frost, who brings the killing frost to the land.

Railing Against King Frost

Regarding King Frost, we will also engage in an old mountain Hexerei tradition of railing against him and his armies. While the Giants ultimately take the land in Holle's absence, the railing weakens their ranks and allows more time for Holler to direct their souls to the Wild Hunt.

This is the first year we are holding this observance at the Graabhof. Its location on a slope of arm of the Blohbarrick (Blue Mountain) is most appropriate as it allows us to honor Ewicher Yeeger on the mountain associated with Him. 

Offerings to Ewicher Yeeger may include deer meat, rabbit meat, and scrapple.


Maggie said...

Hi from Maggie -- I will be joining you in spirit from up here. I have a lovely photo of the Blue Mt on my altar....not sure if I can get my hands on some scrapple! But I have some cured meat from Dietrich's I can use. Much love!

Maggie said...

QUESTION: also very curious about the meaning of "Scholla" in the text, which is very close to my name. Fodder for conversation!

Robert L. Schreiwer said...

The current spelling of the word would be "Schalle" and it means "echoes" or "sounds." :)