Sunday, November 8, 2015

Provisional 2016 Calendar

(Note: This is for observance dates, not necessarily the same as gathering dates)

This is still rough-hewn, but here's the starting blocks for the 2016 calendar.

Sundown December 31: BERCHTASLAAF (Feast Day of goddess Berchta); TWELFTH NIGHT

January 1: Twelfth Day (of Yule), Feast of Frey; New Year's Day

Sundown of Feb. 1 until Sundown February 12: ENTSCHTANNING (including Groundhog Day, which starts sundown Feb. 1 and runs until sundown Feb. 2)

March 20: OSCHDRE (runs for 12 nights)

Sundown April 30: WONNEZEIT (including Walpurgisnacht/Wonnenacht, sundown April 30; May Day, sunrise May 1)

Sundown May 12, May 13, May 14: Observance of Frost Giant attacks

June 9-12: TROTHMOOT at Fort Flagler Retreat Center, Nordland, WA.


Late July/Early August: HOIETFESCHT - Haymaking observances throughout first half of month

September 3: PHILADELPHIA PAGAN PRIDE, Clark Park, Philadelphia, PA

September 22: ERNTFESCHT, Autumn Equinox, Harvest Home

September 28: ZISASEGE, Feast Day of Zisa

Sundown October 30: ALLELIEWEZIEL begins and runs for twelve nights

November 11: HOLLERSEGE/EWICHER YEEGER SEGE; Feast Day of Holler (Ullr)

December 12: KRAMPUSLAUF PHILADELPHIA, Liberty Lands Park, Philadelphia, PA

Sundown December 20: YUUL; Yule begins

Sundown December 31: BERCHTASLAAF

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