Friday, December 1, 2023

Functional Voryuul

Voryuul Topic #2

It is very easy to get lost in all of the Voryuul topics, particularly when it coms to the Geischderschtrutz/Parade of Spirits. Thus, this post describes the most basic functions of Voryuul.

Please bear in mind that Voryuul, as a distinct observance, is relatively new, though it is drawn from very old traditions. On the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, Voryuul is the time between death and rebirth. It is the time we do not remember, the mystical time when our divinity is awaiting the formation of a new soul construct before being reborn. The light from the last life is fading, and the darkest of times is yet to come.

Voryuul really pretty much starts when Allelieweziel ends (sunset on November 11), but, as a discrete observance, it begins on the night of December 8 (which is December 9 by Urglaawe lunar reckoning). That night, we light twelve candles, engage in a meditation, and then snuff out one. Suggested meditations are listed in a Voryuul Topic #3 post and will be linked to in the first Comment below this post.

On the second night, we light eleven candles, and then blow out one. Each night through the 19th, we light one fewer candle and blow out one more. This brings us up to the night of the 20th, which is the beginning of Yuul and the rebirth, when the last candle is blown out and then, after a period in the darkness, is relit to represent the return of light.

There is a lot more going on within the Voryuul nights, but this is the basic process. It helps us to focus ourselves on what is working for us -- and what is not working for us. Many of us base New Year's Resolutions (a very Heathen topic that we will cover as the time draws nigh).

Voryuul can be rough. Answering to the meditations honestly can bring about a lot of churning emotions and uncertainties. It is a time of introspective exploration that can lead to unpleasant conclusions or unhappiness. There is a fine line between confronting/embracing the realities about ourselves and falling into despair. These introspections are not required, so only engage in them if you feel you are ready to deal with the answers.

If you begin to feel despondent or desperate, please cease the meditations and reach out to one of Distelfink Sippschaft's clergy (all of whom are also empowered practitioners of Braucherei and Hexerei): Michelle A Jones, Ralph Victoria Young, Larry L Goble Jr., Silvera Moon, Stacey Lynne Stewart or me for some spiritual advisement or call an external agency or text 988 from your cell phone or 1-888-784-2433 from a landline.

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