Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

Distelfink members and associates have the freedom of conscience to express themselves as they will on social media. However, the content and the methods of expression used reflect upon the organization. Members, Associates, Friends, and prospective members are expected to engage with others in the community in a frithful manner. Malicious public attacks on others, regardless of whether the target is a Distelfink member, and indiscreet posting of private issues are grounds for termination of the relationship between the organization and the author.

Instigators of online arguments will be held responsible for the resulting chaos they initiate. Referencing the kindred or kindred members in these arguments will also be grounds for termination of the relationship between the organization and the author.

It is the responsibility of those who associate with the kindred to self regulate their online presence. Individuals who are prone to inappropriate outbursts become a burden on the kindred, inhibiting our growth and detracting from our misson. Patterns of behavior in opposition to our 18 virtues will also be grounds for termination.

Decisions to terminate relationships between the organization and the author will be determined by a majority of Distelfink officers.  The author will be informed of the termination decision by a Distelfink officer.  After an allotted period of time, as determined by the officers, and a record by the individual of responsible online media use, the officers may elect to review their previous decision and offer reinstatement of the relationship for a probationary period, to be set by the officers.  Violation of the policy during the probationary period will result in immediate termination of the relationship without the possibility for reinstatement.

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