Friday, December 1, 2023

Voryuul Suggested Meditations

(9. Yuuling (sunset December)-21. Yuuling (sunset December 20)

Voryuul Topic #3

PLEASE NOTE: I am not kidding when I say that Voryuul meditations can be a blunt force against one's complacency. Many of these meditations can stir up confusion, regret, grief, or worse. Before undertaking these meditations, please know your own limits. Do not go tearing scabs off of healing wounds. Despite what pop culture might tell you, some wounds are best left covered and healed over. The goal of these meditations is to learn more about your shadow self and to learn how not to fear the shadier sides of yourself. This is about achieving a balance of the whole of yourself, which is, in and of itself, a lifelong journey.

Should you begin to feel depressed or distraught, DISCONTINUE all meditations immediately and contact a friend, a family member, Distelfink or other clergy member, a Braucher[in] or Hex, or an appropriate helpline. Do not suffer alone. Although these meditations can be tough, they are not intended to break you down or to weaken you.

Please do not begin these meditations until Voryuul begins, but do look them over so that you can familiarize yourself with them and declare your boundaries to yourself.


Friday, December 8: 

Voryuul Night 1 (begins sunset local time)

EDITED Meditation Topic (combined 1 and 2): What did I learn in the past year? Who am I these days? Am I happy? Am I content?

Voryuul/Lutzelfraaslaaf Observance (Bristol/Online; 18:30 PM)  

Bristol Buggy Pull (after Voryuul Observance)

Saturday, December 9: 

Voryuul Night 2 (begins sunset local time; Parade kicks off)

Parade of Spirits (Philadelphia, PA; 16:00 PM)

NEW Meditation Topic: What do I do when the whole is --less than-- the sum of its parts? How do I recognize when all the effort I am putting into various projects in my life is resulting in the totality of my daily life being diminished by stress, exhaustion, incongruent relationships, lack of opportunity, procrastination, etc.? 

Sunday, December 10:

Voryuul Night 3 (begins sunset local time)

Meditation Topic: Am I stuck in a rut? If there was one thing I could change in my life, what would that be? Why? How? To what end?

Monday, December 11:

Voryuul Night 4 (begins sunset local time)

Meditation Topic: What are my true motivators? What are the real causes of my actions? 

Tuesday, December 12: 

Voryuul Night 5 and Lutzelfraaslaaf (begin sunset local time). This is an auspicious time to make donations to food banks or shelters, and we this is a primary time for handing out sock and underwear donations directly.

Meditation Topic: Mindset and relationship around giving and generosity; why do I — or don’t I — give to others or accept things that I need?

Wednesday, December 13: 

Voryuul Night 6 (begins sunset local time)

Meditation Topic: What do I do when I win the battle but lose the war. How can I recognize situations in which the cost to get what I need or want is too high?

Thursday, December 14: 

Voryuul Night 7 (begins sunset local time)

Meditation Topic: How do I find balance and contentment between what I want and what is available?

Friday, December 15: 

Voryuul Night 8 (begins sunset local time)

Meditation Topic: How can I leverage the shadowy aspects of myself? What positive things do useless hopes and wishful thinking bring to me?

Saturday, December 16: 

Voryuul Night 9 (begins sunset local time)

Meditation Topic: Status of open projects: What is worth finishing? What is weighing me down?

Sunday, December 17: 

Voryuul Night 10 (begins sunset local time)

Meditation Topic: Were there patterns of behavior that have served me and/or others well? What behaviors or actions were detrimental and should not be engaged in again?

Monday, December 18: 

Voryuul Night 11 (begins sunset local time)

Meditation Topic: How am I affected by the company I choose to keep? How can I affect the world around me? 

Tuesday, December 19:

Voryuul Night 12 (begins sunset local time)

Meditation Topic: What can I do differently in the new year that will take me out of my comfort zone?

Wednesday, December 20:

Voryuul Ends at sunset local time.

Yuul Night 1 (begins sunset local time)

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