Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dingsege and Vorsetz (New Year's Resolutions)

The Wonnetzeit (Time of Joy, May 1-June 21) is flying by. Even with the odd weather patterns, the gardens of the Deitscherei are overwhelmingly green, and many plants began to bloom early. We're finding ourselves harvesting some herbs a whole month earlier than usual. 

In the course of our daily lives, we must pause and remember any Vorsetz (New Year's Resolutions; singular is Vorsatz) that we made back in January. Throughout the course of the year, we have checkpoints that help us to keep our Vorsetz obligations. The Wonnetzeit is the time in which all resolutions should be in place and functioning.

Not all Vorsetz are created as equals. Some are simple and easily achieved. Others are a constant battle against one's life experiences. It is for this reason that Distelfink Sippschaft encourages people to undertake only one or two Vorsetz at New Year's Day and to make the Vorsetz small. 

For example, if, on January 1, 2013, you had not already been going to the gym at least four times per week for at least six months, it would be silly to make a Vorsatz that states that you will go to the gym every day for the entire year.  You would be highly likely to falter. A more reasonable oath would be that you will go to the gym three days per week for two months. That oath you may be able to plod through, even if you discover you are struggling with it.

Remember, it is better to succeed with a small oath than to fail with any oath. It is also better to request an amendment or adjustment to an oath than to let it fail. Keep in mind, though, that not all oaths can or will be amended or adjusted.

If you made a Vorsatz before the deities or the community and are not properly progressing, the time to adjust it is now. Distelfink's Dingsege (Thing Ceremony) is coming up on June 22, and one of the considerations we will be undertaking is any oath that a member has that is causing that person a problem in fulfilling. 

If the oath was to the community, we will hear the issue at hand and decide whether to allow for change or find ways to help make the oath successful. If it was taken to the deities, we will help the oath-taker to decide whether/how to proceed in petitioning and making appropriate offerings. 

Dingsege is the ceremony to Ziu (Tyr), and one way to honor Him is to take our oaths seriously. If you have an outstanding Vorsatz that is not progressing, please check yourself on it now. Find ways to make it work or let your community know that you are struggling. Oaths are a serious business.

If you have already completed your Vorsatz, you may always make another reasonable oath for making  personal progress. Hail to you in your success!

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