Monday, July 29, 2013

Die Aadacht zu der Waahra

Waahra (Norse: Vár) is the goddess who hears and records oaths, including oaths of marriage. Although the awareness of this goddess entered the Urglaawe awareness only in the past few years, we honor Her anytime that we engage in oath-taking, oath-amending, and oath-terminating (whether completed or broken (which has not happened yet, thankfully)). 

Anderson Hochzichaldaar
This devotional was inspired by Galina Krasskova's "Devotional to Vár," which may be found in her "Exploring the Northern Tradition." It was presented to Waahra as part of the wedding of Edward and Ren Anderson (hence their names in the text) on July 28, 2013.

Die Aadacht zu der Waahra

Ich heil Dich, Waahra!
Verwesern vum alles, wu kluuch un gerecht iss.
Du schtellscht unsere Seele an die Schpuhr
 vun der Waahrheit un der Rechtschaffeheit.
Mir wilkumme Dich wie en glensendi Fiehrerin.

Harich mol heit de Ren un Eddie ihre Eed.
Meege ihre Wadde Dich verehre.
Meege unsere Aagschtalt Dei Naame belowe.
Meege mir immer in der Waahrheit  laafe --
verbunne eenzich darrich ihre bschwores Ehrewatt.

Es watt wohluffe Zeite,
Doch aa watt's schweri Zeite.
Fiehr sie darrich die Farricht.
Meege sie immer Schutz un Fiehrung
unnich dei Schtaab finne.

Erleicht ihre Wadde,
hauch Lewe in die Vorsetz,
die sie daer Daag auslege.
Meege sie allzeit ken Ursach hawwe,
fer vor Dir in der Schaam zu schteh.
Schtatts meege sie immer zu Dir un zu sich
eensichscht brechter Ruhm bringe.

Translation of the Deitsch:

Devotional to Var

I hail You, Var,
Guardian of all that is wise and just.
You set our souls gently yet firmly
on the path of truth and integrity.
We welcome you as a shining guide.

Hear today the oaths of Ren and Eddie
May their words honor You.
May their actions praise Your name.
May they always walk in truth,
bound only by their sworn word.

There will be times of joy
And there will be times of difficulty.
Guide them through the fear.
May they always find shelter and guidance
beneath Your staff.

Illuminate their words,
breathe life into the vows
they make this day.
May they never have cause
to stand before You in shame;
instead, may they always bring to You
and to themselves bright fame.

Inspired by Galina Krasskova's devotional to Var:
Exploring the Northern Tradition, p. 74. Franklin Lakes, NJ: New Page Books, 2005.

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Unknown said...

It was a more beautiful ceremony than I could have imagined...and the vows work! When Ed is visibly distressed now, I can actually get him to talk about it. :D

Hail Waahra!