Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Halliches Allelieweziel!

Tonight the past is ablaze in bright candlelight. 

I ponder humanity’s march through time. Those who have gone before have blazed the trail. Sometimes that trail is clear and easy to follow. Other times that trail is grown over and hard to walk. All too often, the twists and turns on that trail have taken us farther from the destination of the perfected human, and the wrongs and atrocities have slowed our progress to a near standstill. 

We can do better. 

We can learn from the wiser of the forebears and work to fix the follies and injustices of the past. Our society is the product of the combined actions of the forebears. They are us, and we are they. Let’s do our best to make this world, or at the very least, our communities a better way place for those who are with us and for those who follow.

Halliches Allelieweziel!

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