Thursday, October 1, 2020

Hollerbeer Hof 48 - Autumn 2020

A new issue of Hollerbeer Hof for Autumn 2020 is available here. Enjoy!

Call for Submissions!


Do you have a piece of art, poetry, devotional, or research article related to Urglaawe you'd like to be considered for publication in Hollerbeer Hof?


Submissions for each issue are: February 28 (Spring), May 30 (Summer), August 30 (Autumn), and November 30 (Winter). Please submit to 


Artists retain all rights to their work. By submitting, the artist agrees to allow Hollerbeer Hof to publish their work within one year of the submission due date; after that year, Hollerbeer Hof must reacquire permission to publish.


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